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Summer Sunrise Quilt Along: Week 8

This week we are going to make the sunrise block that will go at the top of the quilt. This block is going to be a little large, but the extra width is built in so that you can easily square the quilt and not have to worry about it being too small.

All the strips you are going to be cutting are 2 ½ inches wide. I recommend cutting multiple 2 ½ inch strips from each of the five colors and then cutting them to size. The cutting instructions by color are as follows:


1- 24 inches long

1- 16 inches long

1- 8 inches long


5- 8 inches long

2- 6 inches long

1- 16 inches long


3- 4 inches long

4- 6 inches long

4- 8 inches long

1- 12 inches long


2- 4 inches long

5- 8 inches long

2- 12 inches long

4- 14 inches long

3- 16 inches long

1- 24 inches long

Sky Blue:

2- 4 inches long

4- 6 inches long

2- 8 inches long

2- 10 inches long

2- 14 inches long

2- 16 inches long

2- 20 inches long

2- 22 inches long

2- 26 inches long

1- 28 inches long

2- 30 inches long

Once you have everything cut you want to lay it out according to the diagram below.

To sew it together piece each strip and then sew the strips together. I found it very helpful to have all the pieces laid out before I started sewing them so I could see how everything went together.

Good luck with your cutting and sewing, and don’t worry, while this may seem like a lot of cutting and sewing the block actually goes together very quickly. Next week we will begin piecing the larger top blocks. As always if you have any questions please let me know, you can leave a comment below or send an email. You can tag us on Instagram at @createdesignmake365 and using #summersunriseqal.

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