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Summer Sunrise Quilt Along: Week 5

Welcome Back! This week we are starting to make the hourglass blocks which come in three sizes. These quilt blocks will take a while to make and there are a lot of them, so we have three weeks to complete everything. We are just going to do the preliminary work this week, cutting the pieces and doing the first bit of piecing.

The easiest way to set up these blocks is to use a strip piecing method. Which means you are going to cut a number of strips in three different sizes and then sew them together before cross cutting.

You will need to cut the following from both the medium and dark blue fabrics, the 1/4 inch seam allowance is included in these measurements:

8 strips- 2 ¼ inches wide

7 strips- 3 ¾ inches wide

3 strips- 4 ½ inches wide

You will have a total of 36 strips with both the medium and dark blue pieces after you are done cutting everything out. Make sure that when you are cutting selvedge edge to selvedge edge.

Next pair each medium and dark blue strip together and sew them. Once you are done make sure that you press the seams. It is very important that the seams for this block are pressed to ensure that they go together well.

Congratulations on finishing part one of the hour glass blocks! Next week there will be a full tutorial on the easiest way to make the blocks. If you have any questions, or would like to share your finished blocks (we would love to see them), please leave a comment or tag us on Instagram using @createmakedesign365 and #summersunriseqal

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