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Summer Sunrise Quilt Along: Week 4

Welcome Back! After finishing the pinwheels last week we are moving onto the greens and making the rail blocks. There are only a handful of these blocks so all the cutting sewing and ironing is going to be done this week.

For this block you are going to sew strips together and then cross cut to form the blocks. At the end I will provide instructions for cutting individual pieces if you would rather sew each block individually.

For both the light green and the medium green you want to cut three 1 ½ inch strips (selvedge to selvedge).

Next you are going to sew two strips of each color in alternating pattern. For example: light green, medium green, light green, medium green.

Once you have all the strips sewn together (and the seams pressed) you are going to cut one block 4 ½ inches wide and seven blocks 5 ½ inches wide. Your 4 ½ inch block is now finished. For your 5 ½ inch block you are going to add a strip to each one.

Use the remaining two strips and add a medium green strip to 4 of the blocks and a light green strip to 3 of the blocks. Press all of the seams and square to 5 ½ inches.

If you don’t want to do strip piecing you will need to cut the following pieces to make the blocks:

Light Green:

-1 ½ inch by 5 ½ inch; 18

-1 ½ inch by 4 ½ inch; 2

Medium Green:

-1 ½ inch by 5 ½ inch; 17

-1 ½ inch by 4 ½ inch; 2

Congratulations on finishing your rail blocks,next week we are going to start tackling the hourglasses! If you have any questions, or would like to share your finished blocks (we would love to see them), please leave a comment or tag us on Instagram using @createmakedesign365 and #summersunriseqal

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