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Summer Sunrise Quilt Along: Week 3

This week we are going to finish up the pinwheel blocks. Last week you made all of the half-square triangle, now it is time to put them all together. Everyone has a slightly different way that they like to put together pinwheel blocks; what I like to do is lay out all the half square triangles in the pinwheel pattern so I have a visual reminder of what seams need to be sewn.

You can then sew the top two blocks together, and the bottom two blocks together for all of the small, medium and large blocks in both colorways. At this point it will be time to get the iron out again and press those seams. Hopefully you have fully recovered from last week!

The next step will be sewing the top and bottom together for each block. If you are worried about lining up the seams I recommend pinning the center seam to make sure that everything lines up.

Once you have all the blocks sewn together, the last step is going to be pressing the seams. I know more ironing, but it is worth it in the end, and will produce a much flatter quilt top.

At this point you should have the following blocks:

Small (2 ½ inch square):

-White and Light Blue: 4 blocks

-Medium Blue and Light Blue: 9 blocks

Medium (4 ½ inch square):

-White and Light Blue: 7 blocks

-Medium Blue and Light Blue: 8 blocks

Large (5 ½ inch square):

-White and Light Blue: 4 blocks

-Medium Blue and Light Blue: 3 blocks

If your blocks already match these sizes, squaring them is option, if however they ended up bigger make sure that you square the blocks.

Congratulations on finishing your pinwheels, and having the first set of blocks finished for the Summer Sunrise Quilt! If you have any questions, or would like to share your finished blocks (we would love to see them), please leave a comment or tag us on Instagram using @createmakedesign365 and #summersunriseqal

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