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Summer Sunrise Quilt Along: Week 15!

I can’t believe it this is our last week together working on the Summer Sunrise Quilt! I wish I had a finished quilt to show you but unfortunately I am still having issues with my new quilting machine and haven’t been able to finish the quilt. However this week I week I wanted to talk about some different options for putting together the back and quilting the quilt.

For the quilt back you can opt to use a single material, I would recommend a blue if you take this route since it goes with so much of the rest of the quilt. You also have the option of doing a pieced back depending on how much fabric you have left over. I was able to piece most of my back, using strips and imitating the color pattern from the front. I had to buy two extra yards of fabric but that gave me enough to finish the back and make my binding. As you might have guessed I am not using any borders on the quilt, I had designed it that way, since I just couldn’t figure out what would work well. However I have toyed around with the idea of using quilt blocks including different fish, crabs, and birds that belong down the shore to create the additional width so the quilt could be used as a coverlet. Just an idea to keep in mind if you do decide to add borders.

As for the quilting I really want it to help accentuate the shore image. I have included my plan for quilting, below. You will see that I plan to due rays going out from the sunset (I am thinking a pale yellow quilt thread might be nice for this). Then the plants along the shore will be done in a zigzag along each row. The sand will have a quilted line going through each row of blocks which means it will naturally get larger as you approach the foreground

re-enforcing the perspective. The crashing waves (all those pinwheels) I am thinking about doing in a rolling wave pattern, the idea is to make it look more rolling and less sharp edged. The water I want to do in a similar manner to the sand going through each row but rather than use a straight line use one that is wavy (great when you have issues doing straight lines. I promise to post a picture of the finished quilt and add an updated post one I finish the quilting on mine.

Congratulations, you have now finished your quilt !!! I would love to see what your finished quilts look like. As always if you have any questions please let me know, you can leave a comment below or send an email. You can also tag us on Instagram at @createdesignmake365 and using #summersunriseqal.

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