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Summer Sunrise Quilt Along: Week 12

Last week we finished the first set of medium top blocks. This week we are going to finish up the medium top blocks, these are going to be slightly larger and will form a separate row in the quilt top. Once again for these blocks we are going to start at the shoreline and work out to the sea, which means you will be starting with the sand.

For cutting the sand you are going to use another 4 ½ inch strip. For this set you are going to cut 4 pieces, each 12 ½ inches wide (the pieces should be 4 ½ by 12 ½ inches each).

For the sixth medium top block you need 3 white and light blue pinwheels, the only small rail block (remember making them) and the sand pieces you just cut. Follow the chart to see where the hourglass and pinwheel and rail blocks are inserted, this is the first block where you can see the waves crashing on to the sand and the leading edge of the shoreline greenery.

Chart for 6th Medium Top Block

For the seventh medium top block you will need 13 medium hourglasses, 1 white and light blue pinwheel, and 2 blue pinwheels. Make sure you follow the chart to keep the alternating pinwheels going. On this chart the blue pinwheels are shaded but the white and light blue pinwheel is not, it appears at the bottom left corner.

Chart for 7th Medium Top Block

For the eighth medium top block you need 14 hourglasses and 2 of the medium blue pinwheels. You know the drill, just follow the chart and maintain the alternating hourglasses.

Chart for the 8th Medium Top Block

For the ninth medium top block is shaped a little differently rather than a square four by four block this one is a rectangular four by three, don’t worry it fits perfectly in the quilt top. You will once again need 10 hourglasses and 2 medium blue pinwheel.

Chart for 9th Medium Top Block

Congratulations, you have now finished all of the medium top blocks! We are almost there! Next week we are going to put together the large top blocks. There is only one row of these and they go together quickly. As always if you have any questions please let me know, you can leave a comment below or send an email. You can also tag us on Instagram at @createdesignmake365 and using #summersunriseqal.

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