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Ornaments 101

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Everyone has a different style when it comes to holiday decorating. Some people go for traditional red and green, others for kitschy pink and teal, or maybe an elegant all white scheme. And of course then there comes the amount of decorations to go, everything from a little tree to santas and garlands everywhere. I like to fall somewhere in the middle a little bit of a holiday touch in every room but nothing to overwhelming (I don’t have unlimited storage after all). My favorite touch to add are different textiles, a holiday shower curtain in the bathroom, a festive tablecloth in the dining room and nice wintry bed runners. That means that most of my decorations stay the same year to year (though I do add a new quilt or runner every so often). The one place I get to make changes every year is the tree ornaments.

Each year I choose a different theme for the ornaments, sometimes a color (purple and gold!) or a theme (crafty! can you say origami ornaments). This year I decided to go with a color, blue, since it really is my color for 2019. So what does this mean in practical terms? Well any shade of blue goes so it can be anything from a pale baby blue to a deep navy. Since that does mean a wide range of colors I am also opting to make all the ornaments from round clear balls, using the same type of ornament for every design helps to make things a little more cohesive. So what did I make? Well I went with three different types of designs each perfect for a different type of crafter and all perfect for making with kids.

Our first ornaments are very scrap happy! Perfect for quilters these are fast and easy to make using all those leftover scraps from cutting. There are two different versions one uses leftover larger scraps from projects, the other uses the WOF (width of fabric) strips left from when you use the rotary cutter. For the larger scraps I used about six pieces that measured anywhere from 1.5 by 2 inches to 5 by 5 inches. As for the leftover strips I used five of those but depending on how thick they are you could probably use anywhere from four to seven. And best part all you have to do is pop the top off the ornament and start stuffing in the fabric. So long as you are using shatterproof ornaments this is a great one to do with the kids since there is no mess and there little hands usually make it a little easier for them to get the fabric scraps in.

Our second ornaments are perfect for all of the painters out there. You just need need the clear ornaments and two different color paints. I used a white and blue. As for the types of paint, a thinned acrylic works well (but I can also tell you that left over nail polish will work too). All you need to do is pour a little of each paint into the ornaments and move the ball around so that the paint spreads all over the interior of the ornament. Since these will take a little while to dry (there isn’t great air flow inside the ornaments) I found it was really useful to have old egg cartons or one of those plastic cases apples sometimes come packed in, so there is somewhere they can sit and dry. I wouldn’t recommend these for really little children but it is still a great craft for kids, especially if an adult pours the paint. Just make sure that you make these in a well ventilated area.

Our third and final set of ornaments are inspired by Zentangles. This doodling style was very popular several years ago and I think it is a great choice especially for anyone who likes to draw. For mine I used more clear ornaments (but you could also use a solid color ornaments) and a Sharpie, that simple. You can go for any design that you like just make sure that you leave it a little time to dry before hanging it one the tree. These are a great option for older kids who might want more of a chance to express their own artistic style. These are also a great choice to use in place of table cards, or as gift tags on gifts.

I hope you all found an ornament style that you like and will be making a few this holiday season! I would love to see them you can post them in the reply or tag me on Instagram @createdesignmake365. Next week we will be tackling holiday cookies! And don’t worry we will be going over a lot of easy ones. Happy Holidays!

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