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Growing Ears!

So I have been in a real kick making mouse ears for my next set of Disney vacations (yes I go to Disney regularly, and yes if you go with me you will be wearing a set of custom mouse ears). Some sets of ears are easy to figure out and set up, princesses for Magic Kingdom, Monsters for the after hours event, and festival themed for Epcot (Food & Wine, yum!). But for our time in Animal Kingdom I kept drawing a blank. Up? Love the idea but not sure exactly how to do a group set (but will be circling back to that). Pandora? This has some real potential but I think better for colder weather, always have to keep that Florida climate in mind. Yes I had ideas but nothing was working, so I started scrolling through pictures from previous trips and it hit me, the Tree of Life!

I have always loved the Tree of Life, you can spend hours walking around and never see all the animals that are part of the tree. So the next step was figuring out how to take the gorgeous 3-D tree and make it into a 2-D pattern for the ears.

I printed out a wide range of photos featuring all different animals and began working on developing a pattern that could be embroidered for the hours. By carefully selecting the right lines I was able to create the impression of animal figures carved into the tree. Using tissue paper (I didn’t have any tracing paper on hand) and markers I was able to create patterns that could be turned into machine embroidery designs. Discovered during this process that nail polish remover will clean up permanent marker stains on a wide range of materials including glass.

I was very lucky to find a great bark print fabric that I could use as a base for the ears. It took a little experimenting with colors and line width but I eventually came up with six different designs for everyone to choose from (I might add a few more options after this next trip). Paired with a green bow (leaves!), these ears really look like they belong with the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom.

Really happy with how the ears turned out and was so happy that everyone could pick which designs they wanted, that way everyone has a personalized design but they still go really well together. Do you have any Disney attractions or movies that you would like to see a themed pair of ears for? Let me know, I would love to hear from you! Follow me on Instagram @createdeisngmake365 to see more Disney mouse ears.

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