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DIY Flip-Flop Thong

You go out on the beach in the morning and the sand is lovely, a little cool against your feet and doing a wonderful job taming those pesky callouses. By the afternoon however it is a whole other story, the sand is so hot that just walking more than a few feet burns the soles of your feet. What to do? Bring custom flip flops of course!

I have never been a big fan of regular flip flops, the hard plastic thong always hurt my toes and at the beach the plastic could heat up uncomfortably. These knit flip flop thongs are the perfect solution, and the best part you can customize them and even switch them out over time.

You really don’t need a lot of materials or tools. I got a pair of flip flops at the dollar store, a small skein of cotton yarn (less than two dollars) at a craft store, and used the yarn needle, double pointed needles US#7 and a pair of scissors.

To start you want to cut the thong off the flip flops, I just made three quick cuts so I could lift off the top and pull the three anchors out of the bottom.

Next I cast on three stitches, and began working an i-cord. Once the i-cord reached 2 ½ inches, I set up the rest of the thong. Very carefully I knit into the front and back of each so I had 6 stitches on the needle. I moved the first three to another needle and continued working them as an i-cord until the 9 ½ inches long from where the i-cord splits, and bound off. Then I went back to the three held stitches, joined a new yarn and again worked as an i-cord until it measured 9 ½ inches, and bound off.

To put the thong in place it is easiest to just pull the end yarn through to start and just keep pulling. Once you have all three ends through, you want to thread in the ends. To anchor the ends in place just tie a knot in each. While having those knots will make it a little uncomfortable to walk on pavement, you won’t feel them at all on the sand.

It took less than an hour to put together a pair of flip flops, and then I was all set to head out to the beach. I hope you all have a great time making these and using them at the beach. If you have any questions just leave a comment below or send an email. I would also love to see how yours turn out! You can tag us on Instagram @createdesignmake365 or using #cdm365.

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