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Country Living Fair: Rhinebeck, New York

I spent the day at the Country Living Fair in New York; held annually at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, this fair has something for everyone. I have read about it for a few years but I always ended up having another commitment that weekend and couldn’t attend. For the first time I was able to drive up to Rhinebeck and attend the fair!

There were a few different areas to explore including the two stages, market, workshop area, and food court. Coming in from the main entrance the first area you pass are all the food stalls which included a wonderful selection of local jams, baked goods and more. It had been a long drive when I got there so I decided to avoid the crowds and get an early lunch at the food court. The food court has a range of different stalls with everything from traditional fair foods like hamburgers and sausage, along with Italian specialties, crepes, and more. I opted to try and be a little healthy and went with one of the Italian samplers which included roasted red peppers with fresh mozzarella, bruschetta and a meatball.

After lunch I headed up to the market to check out all the wonderful goods on sale. The market was a little overwhelming and I ended up going around once seeing everything that was there before I really started shopping. There was a little bit of everything from vintage linens and antique silverware to the wonderful and creative products people have made from those items.

I particularly loved the different pendants, bracelets and earrings made from old silverware, broken china and other found objects. After circling several times I picked up information from a few of the artists, I am thinking of having some custom pieces made from my grandmothers old silverware. I was also able to purchase some fantastic vintage linens that I intend to use for some future projects.

My last stop of the day was at Periwinkles at Rhinebeck. Normally I don’t purchase handcrafted soap because someone in the family is always allergic to one of the ingredients (including me) but for the first time I actually found some that wouldn’t irritate anyone’s allergies and the best part was the lilac soap smelled just like my great-grandmother’s backyard used to. It brought a wonderful flood of memories back and I just couldn’t resist.

It was a great day that has inspired all sorts of wonderful ideas including some projects that I can make with my own family’s vintage linens. Stay tuned for more projects!

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